Why you need a web site!

    1. Instant Access to your business - Provide downloadable forms, price lists, sale sheets and brochures to people researching a purchase. House a forum via email to quickly and easily answer questions about your goods and services.
    2. Reduce Costs - A strong web presence can reduce print advertising.
    3. Give People What They Are Looking For- More and more people research a company or product online before making face to face contact. Today, the web is used the way people used to use the phone book: to find a local company that offers the goods and/or services they need.
    4. Always On- Information about your company is available 24/7, locally, nationally, and globally, at no extra cost.
    5. Cost Effective- Can easily be the most cost effective advertising and marketing medium of communication to existing and potential customers.
    6. Showcase What You Do Best- A web site can open the door to people who might not be thinking of a smaller business for their needs.

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